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What are others saying about us?

"Charlie was instrumental in the installation of a PC based software solution in our client's Mac environment.
He is able to quickly assimilate the information provided and create solutions that are both viable and cost effective. His knowledge of the Mac environment is extensive, and importantly, his general knowledge of PC requirements and the requirements for integration between the two is equally impressive.
Charlie is easy to talk to and understand for those that are not so computer literate, is punctual and works hard to meet his customers requirements."

  Napil Abdel , Tharstern

"Charlie is a walking encyclopaedia of all things Macintosh. He has an incredible technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the Mac platform and how to integrate it in SOHO and enterprise environments. He is able to put together working, reliable and cost effective solutions of any size, from one or two networked laptops up to an entire studio of workstations with server and storage infrastructure."

  Kai Howells, Automatica

"I have been impressed with Charles' creativity, and general expertise around my computer set-up, which I may say he set up for me originally and has upgraded over the years to improve and enhance my system."

  Caroline Hook, Customer

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“Steve Jobs gave a great deal to the world with his vision and perfectionism, but without people like Charlie at eWhizz, many of us would never have experienced the gift. He knows how to connect the dream to the reality.

Charlie was responsible for moving me across to Apple Mac and advising in the choice of Mac to purchase. He then painstakingly took me through the essential steps for working with Mac. He has endless patience, even when things need explaining several times over. The eWhizz online helpdesk feature works like a charm, his response time is swift and his advice clear and concise. He has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Apple Mac and his technical skills are in the first rank. I would never consider using anyone else for advice and backup.”

  David Conolly, Customer

“We found eWhizz™ on the internet and soon after Charlie came to our SOHO and fixed our escalating Mac problems.  He arrived on time. He efficiently sorted our hard drive, saved the data from extinction and found solutions to our cable and airport connections.  The anxious Luddite in this partnership was thrilled to understand Charlie's clear explanations and I believe Charlie is the Zen leader of all things Mac. Like us he loves what he does and will be our official Mac man from now on. “


  Janina Craig

  “I have relied on Charlie's knowledge and approach for over 10 years now. Having met him prior to the creation of eWhizz, I was delighted to hear that his services would not only continue, but be expanded under this new banner. Charlie's approach is measured, systematic and thorough - all delivered with a calm and pleasingly light-hearted approach. I would recommend Charlie without hesitation. Long live eWhizz! ......... and Charlie, of course. “

  Craig Peverelle, Customer

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"Charlie is one of the very few people I have met who REALLY knows Macs. He is knowledgable, reliable and really great to work with. I would highly recommend him every time."

  Rubin Miller

  formerly of Grenadi School of Design